The ultimate warmth and comfort with our luxurious Fleece & Pile Fabric. Perfect for blankets, winter clothing, and home decor, this high-quality fabric.


"Indulge in Unmatched Softness, Warmth, and Comfort with Fleece & Pile Fabric: Your Ultimate Selection for Crafting Garments, Jackets, Snug Pajamas, and Irresistibly Cozy Blankets."

  • 60/62 Inch
  • 280 GSM

Poly boa toy | C076B1240D60

  • 60/62 Inch
  • 280 GSM

Poly Boa Brown | T934M0540N60

  • 72/74 Inch
  • 230 GSM

Poly Boa Brown | T934M0540N601

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