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Welcome to, operated by Jongstit Co., Ltd. has set out terms and conditions of use of the service on our website. You accept these terms and conditions when you use the website or access the information there. We reserve the right to update, change, modify and amend the terms and conditions at any time. Accordingly, we recommend you read the Terms and Conditions every time you visit or use the Services on

1. Information on the website

Although we have made every effort to ensure that the information on the website, such as product description details, is accurate, there may be mistakes. If something goes wrong with the product information, we will endeavor to correct the information as accurately as possible. But or our business partner websites have no representations that such information and components will be accurate and complete enough. Therefore, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions in the data and details thereof. In addition, we reserve the right to modify any part of the website or terminate the service at any time, permanently or temporarily, without prior notice. The objective of all information and components on this website is to provide information to the general consumer only, none of which are objective to provide advice, diagnosis, or counseling and not for exchange purposes. Please note that you and your followers have used the information assembled on our website at your own risk.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

All content published on, such as text, graphics, logos, icon buttons, images, videos, website page designs, Etc., appears on the website pages and is the property of Jongstit Co., Ltd. and is protected by copyright law. All such rights are reserved by Jongstit Co., Ltd. and our licensors. You can store, print, and display the content provided herein solely for your personal use, including electronic copying in print of sections of interest to place orders on and search engines only.
You may not make, modify, amend, distribute, publicly perform, retransmit, or otherwise use Information and Components in business or Commercial Affairs without the prior written permission of

3. Links to Other Site may be linked to other websites provided by third parties and managed solely for informational purposes and your convenience. We cannot endorse or verify the accuracy of the information on other websites. Therefore, you may need to consider the potential risks associated with using other websites by yourself. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions of use and the security policies of the link websites before use on such websites. In addition, we are not allowing you to create links from your websites to those websites without our written permission. Please, contact us if you want to link to your website.

4. Order Process

You cannot purchases made through customers can contact the staff through the channels specified by the website.

5. Ownership of Goods

Ownership of the goods will not pass to you until we receive cash or transfers in full payment at the due date of payment of goods and other goods that agreed to be sold, regardless of the delivery and transmission of risk in the goods or any other provision of these Terms. You have no right to pledge or guarantee in any way any debt. All funds you will have to pay us will be deemed due and must be paid immediately.

6. Payment is a website that displays products for visitors to announce and get to know us. Therefore, you cannot trade on If you have not paid following the terms and conditions of the payment method you choose or the payment has been canceled for any reason, we have the right to cancel your order or suspend delivery of the goods until the payment is completed successfully without prejudice to rights.

7. Cancellation caused by a mistake

The company has the full right to cancel an order at any time if there are mistakes by typographical or unforeseen nature due to products on the website with the wrong details. If the order is canceled and we receive payment from you, we will deem the order complete. We will refund you the total price of the product.

8. Risk

You become at risk of damage or loss of the goods while delivery or fail to receive the delivery when our service providers or we offer to deliver the goods for you.

9. Disclaimer

Jongstit Co., Ltd. makes no liability or representation for any damage. Including losses and expenses incurred, whether directly or indirectly, specifically, accidentally, or consequently, any bodily injury or costs incurred as a result of your injury or any third party (including your dependents), including consequences resulting from your access to our website, whether directly or indirectly, any information appears on the website. Your personal information or subscriber information, as well as the content and information transmitted through the systems of or any third party or content information it contains, is no legal liability and no liability to you or any other person, whether for any company or to suffer any loss incur costs, whether directly or indirectly or injury or expenses incurred as a result of delay falsity, any error or blanking of price information that is allocated or forwarded, any action caused by trust in the content or causes it to be unsuccessful, or disruption or termination, we reserve the right not to assume any legal responsibility to you, any other person, or any company for any losses, whether incurred by any means, directly or indirectly, from

  • amounts payable from third-party users of the Platform in connection with trading any goods.
  • selling products to you, using those products, or reselling products by you.
  • any defects resulting from normal wear and tear or deliberately damaging by incorrect use, negligence, accident, abnormal storage and/or working conditions, changes or modifications to the products, or failure to comply with oral or written instructions on how to use the products.

10. Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy , which forms part of these Terms and Conditions.

11. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions
"," "the Company," "we," and "Website" means, which is under Jongstit Co., Ltd. "Customer," "You" means the User, Platform User, Visitor, or Buyer of Goods and Services, "Platform" means (a) both web-based and mobile versions of the website operated and owned by Jongstit Co., Ltd. (currently at URL: "Product" means the product available for display on the Platform.

Policy changes

If there are any changes in the future, we will post them on our website.
In addition, you can contact us at Jongstit Co., Ltd.
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