is the leading
polyester textile
in Thailand.

Thai Polyester Manufacturers
Over 80 years, since 1940,

Jong Stit Co,Ltd, has been established by Cheevapravatdomrong’s family.

Jong Stit Co, Ltd. is the knitted polyester fabric company under the umbrella of Jong Stit Group,

the company group which has operated in vertical integration, proficiently provided polyester products and service through research and development.


  • Jong stit
  • Jong stit
  • Jong stit Group contains three companies.
    First of all, Jong Stit co, Ltd. is the well
    recognized polyester fabric supplier which
    72,000 ton capacity per year. The
    manufacturer is based in Samut Sakorn
    province, Thailand, where the company
    locates both the production facilities and
    Sale office. This allows the firm’s sale team
    provides premium service and quick
    response to our clients. The company has
    serviced customers who situated all around
    the world.

    According to Jong stit is one of the biggest
    textiles and fabrics manufacturer in Thaland,
    the company produces various types of
    knitted fabric from polyester such as rib
    knit fabric, french terry fabric, jersey fabric,
    tricot fabric, fleece and flannel. For this
    lesson, the company’s customers are in
    various industries, for example, garment
    industry, furniture, automotive, Home textile,
    Toy, Sport equipment and accessories.

  • Thai Polyester
  • Thai Polyester
  • Secondly, Thai Polyester limited company (TPC) produces polyester yarn such as POY, FDY, DTY, staple fiber and spun yarn, with both yarn dyed and dope dyed. According to the company’s production capacity of 317,450 tons per year, Yarns and other supplements have been forwarded to Jong Stit Co., Ltd., a factory which is a Polyester Fabric Manufacturer Supplier & Wholesaler, producing various types of polyester fabric, including recycled polyester fabric.

  • Fashion Hometex
  • Fashion Hometex
  • Lastly, Fashion Hometex Co., Ltd. produces blankets and other premium products from fabrics such as pillows cases, blankets, dolls, blankets, both of our polyester fabrics and finished products are certified by the international standard OEKO-TEX 100.

Continuing to
Sustainable Business
Jong stit

aims to be a
sustainable fabric supplier and enhance a better business with our recycles processes and eco-friendly products.

The company is committed to decrease environmental problems. Therefore, the firm has started with promoting knowledge of employees in the term of using various resources Cost-effective and efficient.

Consequently, the Increasing environmental policy is the first step of our goal to become a sustainable business, we concern about an importance of reducing the environmental impact, both directly and indirectly, in every process of production.



The directly decreasing impact is using the recycling process by bringing plastic bottles through recycling and knit back into fabric.

Moreover, we reduce processes that will indirectly affect the environment, for example, switching from dyeing to dope dyed technology to reduce water consumption, management of wastes, water treatment ponds and increased prevention of various pollutions. We desire to be a recycled polyester fabric supplier which has a stable business operation for the long term in conjunction with being environmentally friendly.

With a long experience, we have won the trust of both local and export customers. We are professional polyester fabric manufacturer in Thailand, with both virgin and recycled polyester fabric, and ready to serve every customer with the goal of helping every customer fulfill their needs, we offers our customers the best service, guidance, and inspiration to achieve any projects.

Fabric which we have been producing

Circular Knit Fabric

Circular Knit Fabric

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Circular Knit Fabric is a kind of fabric from a circular knit machine which works by using yarn with a 360-degree cartridge of needles which creates a seamless tube of fabric. Jong stit is the Circular Knit Fabric supplier with various types of circular knit fabric such as Circular mesh fabric, Pique, Interlock, Double knit rib, Single Jersey, Jacquard, French Terry, Sweater and Spendex. All of our circular knit fabrics are stretchy, soft and breathable. The major used is for sportswear, leggings, underwear, and fashion wear.

Warp Knit Fabric

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Warp knit Fabric is one of knitting fabric family. Jong Stit contains numerous warp knit machine which lead the company as the professional warp knit manufacturer. The firm provides several types of warp knit fabric, for example, Tricot Half fabric, Tricot Brush Fabric, Tricot Satin Fabric, Tricot Mesh, Tricot Fancy and Tricot Velvet. Our wrap knit fabrics are soft and wrinkle resistant which perfect for jackets, sweatpants, Polo shirt and home textiles.

Flannel Fabric

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Flanel fabric is a fabric which give soft to touch & Moisture wicking. Jong Stit produces both one sided brush and two sided brush of Flannel Fabric. This is a popular choice for winter wear.

Flanel Fabric
Fleece Fabric

Fleece Fabric

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Fleece fabric is soft and warm fabric, a wonderful pick for clothing and blankets industry. Jong Stit is the biggest Fleece Fabric Supplier in the region. Due to, our manufacturer produces abundant kinds of Fleece Fabric such as Polar Fleece, Sweater Fleece, Boucle Fleece, Velour Fabric and Velfleece Fabric.

Poly boa fabric

Boa Fabric

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Boa Fabric is a faux fur fabric with softness. Jong Stit is a leading Boa fabric suppler in Thailand. This is because the company produces three types of Boa fabric which are;
Poly boa fabric

Poly boa fabric contains an ultra soft touch, flexible and dries quickly. It is ultimately designed as soft toys, cushions, and clothing.

More Products
Sherpa fabric

Sherpa fabric is made of thermal material, fluffy and sticky similar to real fur. Good for jackets, and even better when laminated with an overcoats or hoodies. Can be used in laminated doormats, as it is very stretchy and durable.

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Plush Toy fabric

Plush Toy is fabric for toy industry, contains several character and spec depending on our customers’ requirement.

More Products

Terry Loop Fabric

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Terry Loop Fabric is a knitting fabric with long loop which could absorb some of water. Jong Stit knits two kinds of Terry loop, one sided brush which is dry fast, absorbent, and very durable. This kind of Terry Loop is commonly use for bath towels, bathrobe, and slippers. Two sided brushed terry loop fabric is used in cloth industrial, bathrobe or hotel towels.

Terry Loop Fabric
Printing Fabric

Printing Fabric

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Printing Fabric. We provide various design of printing Fabric, depending our customer’s need.

Special Finishing Fabric

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Special Finishing Fabric is a fabric using Special Finishing techniques and chemical treatment, such as Anti bacteria, Water repellent and water absorbency, on fabrics to enhance stunning blankets and premium products.

Special Finish Fabric