Knitted Fabrics: The Better Choice for Clothing Brands

Knit Fabrics: The Better Choice for Clothing Brands

If you are a fashion brand owner who looks for versatile fabric, knit fabric is certainly a wonderful choice for the garment. It is suitable for making various types of apparel, from casual wear to sportswear. So let’s see what knitted fabric fulfills your designs and inspirations.

What is Knitted Fabric?

Knit fabric is made with interlocking loops of yarns in a vertical column (wale) and rows across the length of the fabric (course). Knitted fabric can be divided into 2 types depending on the knitting method - weft knitting and warp knitting. The properties of fabrics from both methods are pretty similar in softness, wrinkle resistance and breathability. The major difference is flexibility. Weft knitted fabric has higher elasticity, while warp knitting is slightly stretched. This article will highlight one of the most popular weft-knitted constructions: a circular knit.

What is Knit Fabric?
Circular knit fabrics are made by a circular knitting machine

The circular knitting machine makes circular knitted fabrics. Many yarns with a 360-degree cartridge of needles are used to create a seamless tube of fabric that can extend crosswise and lengthwise. So you can imagine a sock construction.

The production results can vary due to many factors, such as programmed pattern structure, the shape of needles, and the type of yarns. However, here are the most common types of circular knit fabric that you usually find in apparel markets: French terry, Single Jersey, Interlock, Pique, Sweater, Rib, Mesh, and Jacquard.

Let’s learn more about knitted fabric


4 Reasons Why You Should Pick Knitted Fabrics

The construction of the knitted fabric, interconnecting loops yarns, favors the apparel industry. Not only used to create a variety of clothes or accessories and has high speed in manufacturing productivity. There are four major reasons clothing brands have chosen knit fabric over woven one.


1. Softness

This highlight feature makes knitted fabrics outstanding. The soft-touch of the textile on both sides help the manufacturer creates comfortable clothing.


2. Elasticity

Knitted fabric has impressive flexibility due to different kinds of yarns being allowed to combine and it is commonly used in sportswear. In addition, the interlock is blended with spandex to create a 4-way stretch so people can freely move while working out.


3. Wrinkle resistance

Knit clothing resilience can hold its shape well after sitting or moving. Therefore, ironing is not needed making it much more convenient and saving a lot of time.


4. Breathability

The knitted fabric structure makes the clothes dry quickly because of the space between joined threads. Make it a great moisture-wicking fabric and comfy to wear with a non-sticky feel.

We highly hope that our information can boost your idea about what kind of knitted fabric is appropriate for your clothing business. However, this is the only little demonstration for knitted fabrics usage. If you’d like to take it further or you are in a process at the starting point to build your brand, come join us at “Jongstit.” We are the biggest manufacturer and supplier of polyester knitted fabric in Thailand. Our professional teams are delighted to assist you.

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