What is Flannel fabric?

Flannel fabric is soft to the touch & Moisture wicking, there is a one-side brushed and two-sides brushed. This is a popular choice for winter wear. Numerous home textile manufacturers have chosen this quality and premium fabrics to produce various types of blankets, apparel, and furniture.


Flannel fabric is a soft; medium-weight fabric with a napped or fuzzy can be one-side brushed or two-sides brushed. This napped finish either comes from brushing or from its characteristic warp knitting. The soft and cozy touch makes it is the perfect fabric to keep you warm and comfortable in winter. Furthermore, flannel fabric is a favorite fabric and very popular for bed sheets during the winter.

What is the main
market of our
flannel fabric?

Our main market is home textiles like fluffy blankets, apparel, toys, and furniture requested for a reasonable price with soft, lush, and warm fabric.

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Fluffy Blankets

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What differentiates
our flannel fabric

The unique point is that we are a 100% polyester flannel fabric manufacturer with a warp knitting technique. Therefore, this is a highly influential point, differentiating us from the other manufacturers' techniques.

Polyester flannel fabric is using the finest quality yarns that comply with export standards. We also ensure that polyester flannel fabrics have sent to standard dyeing and processing houses to meet the customers' expectations.

flannel production

One of our strengths is producing unique flannel fabric as the qualifications. Our customer may require some special options with technological innovations, such as cool quik that helps fabric dry faster and comfort. As well as an anti-bacterial, it helps prevent bacterial efficiency infection in textile fiber. Both single and double-sides brushed are available.

cool quik

As mentioned above, our strength is produced from 100% polyester, which provides more qualifications— for example, warmer, softer, quik dries, easy to clean, cheaper, etc. In addition, flannel fabrics can be customized according to customers’ requirements and it comes in 2 options — one-side and two-sides brushed.

What is the difference between one-side and two-sides brushed?

1 sided brushed

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One-side brushed is generally recommended for blankets, toys, and furniture. Customers can laminate with other types of fabric or can be laminated with the same fabric type as flannel.

For example, a reversible blanket between flannel and Sherpa fabric makes new looks and more textured.

2 sided brushed

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Two-sides brushed is soft to the touch for both sides. And its texture is very fluffy; make it perfect for blankets and toys.

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flannel is warm
warm lock

The texture of the flannel fabric can be dissipated heat moderately due to its large amount of internal fibers and fine tight knitting techniques that do not tear off easily. Therefore, it primarily focuses on those who need warm-retaining properties or items produced in winter, such as blankets or coats.

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What certifications do we have?

Our polyester flannel fabric is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which can be certain of all fabric components. For example, every thread and other accessories tested for harmful substances, and the article is harmless for human health. Our independent OEKO-TEX® partner institutes conduct the test based on our extensive OEKO-TEX®

certification oeko-tex

Polyester flannel fabric is easy to clean. We recommend washing with cold water and low tumble dry. One of the best things about polyester flannel fabric is that it will get softer as it gets older, meaning it’s a low-maintenance fabric you don’t have to iron, dry clean, or replace very often. In addition, the polyester flannel fabric does not wrinkle easily.

flannel maintain clean

What are the excellent qualifications

flannel soft

1. Feels softer

Because polyester flannel fabric contains many more bunches of thin filaments, when the polyester flannel fabric is brushed, millions upon millions of these filaments are raised and form a rich field of fibers that makes the sheet feel velvety smooth.

flannel lasts longe

2. Long-lasting

Synthetic fiber is durable. It doesn't break easily, and flannel sheets retain their velvety feel longer.

flannel sheds lint less

3. Sheds lint less

Polyester fiber has less electrostatic, and the mill easily removes loose surface fibers during production.

flannel dries faster

4. Quik-dries

Polyester fiber holds less water and saves drying costs.

flannel stains less easily

5. Stains remove easily

Quik and easy to clean the stain out is one of the characteristics of polyester fabric.

In conclusion, flannel fabric is one of the most popular fabrics commonly used in the textile industry as fluffy blankets, clothing, and homewares. Flannel fabric composition has various soft fibers that are one-side brushed or two-sides brushed. Therefore, the cleaning and retention of flannel fabric are easily cleaned by a cold water wash and very simplified maintenance.

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