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is the leading Polyester Fabric Manufacturer inThailand

Over 80 years of experience in the textile industry brought us a trusted supplier for various global brands. And we supply our customers in more than 70 countries around the world. Our Polyester fabric capacity is 72,000 metric tons annually.

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With long experience, this leads us to a professional Polyester Fabric manufacturer in Thailand. We have won the trust of both local and global customers. Our products are certified by many international standards. And we are ready to serve with prompt service, guidance, and inspiration to achieve every project.

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At Jong Stit, we have various polyester fabrics with more than 10,000 items. Our products are trusted by many industries, global brands and are suited to every application.

By Application

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  • Pile Fabric
    Pile Fabric     

    Lightweight, soft, durable, easy to care, and wrinkle-resistant fabric. It’s often used to make soft toys, cushions, home textile, and clothing.

    Circular Knit Fabric

    Soft, lightweight, and breathable, which is suitable for making t-shirts, sportswear, leggings, underwear, and fashion wear.

  • Warp Knit
    Warp Knit     

    Luxurious, smooth, elastic, durable, and very good snagging resistance. It’s commonly used to make polo shirts, jackets, sweatpants, sportswear, activewear, and home textiles.

    Terry Loop Fabric

    Soft, and moisture-absorbent fabric. It’s commonly used to make towels, bathrobes, jackets, blankets, soft toys, etc.

    Special Finishing

    Special treatment with chemicals such as Anti-bacterial or with mechanical techniques such as Embossing. These techniques provide a specific appearance or feel. It’s often used for making home décor, blankets, and special occasions clothing or adding more value to the product.

  • Fleece Fabric
    Fleece Fabric     

    Soft, light, and warm fabric, making it an excellent pick for jackets, hoodies, sweaters, sportswear, nightwear, and blankets.

    Flannel Fabric
    Flannel Fabric     

    Soft, and fluffy fabric, making it a famous choice for winterwear, blankets, and furniture.

    Printed Fabric
    Printed Fabric     

    Fabric with all sorts of patterns, such as floral, animal, cartoon, tie-dyed, geometric, and many more. It’s a favorite choice for making unique t-shirts, shorts, and even home textiles.

  • Sustainable

    Sustainable Read more

Shorter lead time

As a one-stop service Polyester manufacturer, we provide a wide range of polyester fabrics that are ready to ship and OEM service with a shorter lead time and low minimum order quantities.

Polyester Fabric

We are a professional Recycled Polyester Fabric manufacturer in Thailand. We truly care about all processes, reducing water consumption by using Dope-Dyed and recycling other materials such as plastic bottles (PET) to make Recycled fabric.

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