water repellency
Water repellency
Preventing water penetration

What is Water Repellency?

Jong Stit’s innovation develops a water repellency fabric. This technology enhances fabric property to prevent water penetration. As a result, the water particle will not easily go through the fabric surface and even absorb or penetrate the fabric as lotus leaves.
water repellency
Water Repellency

The beneficial characters of the Water Repellency

  1. Breathable and Comfortable Although the water repellent fabric can block just liquid such as water or oil absorption, it remains breathable and comfortable to wear. The material surface allows the airflow to pass through.
  2. Friendly to the environment – We adopted relevant fluorinated water repellent (C6) to make fabric hydrophobic. Commonly, the fluorinated water repellents are ranged from C0-C8, which indicates the number of carbon bonds. The intensive coat of fluorinated water repellents (C6 or above) could cause the hazardous substance to the environment. Hence, implementing C6 is more likely to be eco-friendly without polluting emissions.

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