Stain Release
Stain release
Stains easily removed

What is Stain Release?

Recently, stain release finishing is mostly applied to fabrics for the garment. This innovation fights tough stains and soil to provide lasting beauty and longevity to the fabric because the stains on the fabric are easily removed when laundered.
Stain Release
Stain Release

The beneficial characters of the Stain Release

  1. Allows stains to wash out easily when the fabric is laundered; the stains are easily removed.
  2. Hygienically fresh, looks new longer Bacteria are causes of various diseases. Bacterial infections are contagious through multi-factors such as environmental, person to person, etc. So, we have to take care of ourselves, not to get infected by touching any bacteria, especially your clothes. Moreover, anti-bacteria will keep unpleasant odors away once you have finished performing the activities or exercises.

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