Cool Quik
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Dry and Comfort

What is Cool Quik?

Cool Quik is a superior fabric developed by Jong Stit Co., Ltd. There is a special cross (“+”) profile that absorbs sweat from the skin to the outer surface of garments. Besides, the unique shape of raw material ensures an increased surface area that enhances the evaporation rate. As a result, compared to other fabrics, the garments made from CoolQuik will be more breathable, comfortable, and drier.
Cool Quik
Cool Quik

The beneficial characters of the Cool Quik

  1. Quick Dry and breathable
    Due to the uniqueness of the cross structure, Cool Quik will absorb moisture quickly and keep your skin fresh. The special structure enables “Cool Quik” to diffuse water or moisture in a large area immediately, increasing Quick-Dry quality. With a moistureless effect, “Cool Quick” maintains that both fabric and the skin surface are dry, so the fabric will not cling to the skin like other fabrics.
  2. Fresh and comfortable
    As the ability of Quick Dry, CoolQuik fabrics prevent you from soggy feelings. Even with vigorous workouts or doing many exercises, you still feel fresh, less tired, and more comfortable.

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