Mon, Jan 3, 2022 12:00 AM

Another good reason to use Polyester Product

It is very simple to begin if you want to be one of those who save the world! Before buying any clothing, ensure that it's made of Recycled Polyester. Recycled Polyester cannot be missed in the textile industry because it's environmentally friendly, uses less water, and recycles waste plastic bottles into new clothes.

Many people believe that any product made of polyester fabric is harmful to the environment because Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is not as safe as natural fibers like cotton. In fact, Polyester has long been designed to be environmentally friendly and to reduce toxic gas emissions. Meanwhile, large-scale agriculture contributes to harmful pollution and exacerbates the global warming problems. Consequently, we should choose synthetic fibers like Polyester as another option for reducing global warming.

How does polyester fabric contribute to global warming?

1. Reusing and recycling waste
As you may know, plastic can be recycled and reused. However, fewer people know that plastic can be recycled into textiles such as bed sheets or clothing. It reduced waste and returned the greatest benefit.

2. Lower toxic gas emissions
Polyester fiber production reduces power consumption by up to 20%. It's not like growing cotton or other natural materials using fertilizer and insecticide, which directly impacts soil, water, and human health due to contamination.

3. Soil degenerate reduction
Agriculture, such as cotton planting, has undeniably negatively impacted the soil surface. In addition, its cultivation area is constantly expanding, causing animal living issues. On the other hand, polyester is made from plastic chips and has no environmental impact.

4. No waste water emissions
For example, cotton cultivation requires a lot of water. Furthermore, there are contamination risks from harmful chemicals released into the water. Conversely, Polyester production requires less water and emits fewer toxins into the ecosystem.

Jong Stit hopes that you are aware that Polyester is also environmentally friendly.        
 Please think carefully before buying anything if it has an environmental impact. Repurposing old clothing into something new can also help the environment.

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