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Top 5 polyester fabrics for sportswear in 2023

Let's dive in and see what makes these five polyester fabrics the top picks for sporty outfits this year!

2023 is all about the best in sportswear, and polyester fabrics are leading the charge. This year, we've seen five fabrics stand out from the rest. They're strong, stylish, and super comfy for athletes. Let's dive in and see what makes these five polyester fabrics the top picks for sporty outfits this year!

5. French terry fabric

French terry, sportswear, joggers, and hoodies

French terry is a fantastic fabric that's smooth on one side and soft with little loops on the other. When you touch it, one side feels sleek, and the other has a soft, bumpy texture from the loops. These loops not only make it feel soft but also help it absorb moisture, making French terry a great choice for lightweight sweatshirts, joggers, and other comfortable, breathable clothing.
French Terry fabric is good at soaking up sweat. That's why it's a top pick for sportswear, joggers, and hoodies. So, when you're getting active and want to stay dry yet cozy, French terry is your go-to buddy!

4. Double Knit / Warm / Scuba / Montagu fabric

Double Knit ,Warm ,Scuba  ,Montagu fabric , Double knit fabric

Double knit fabric is designed with two smooth outer surfaces, distinguishing it from single knits. This dual-layer construction not only provides added thickness and softness but also enhances the fabric's stability, reducing its stretchiness. As a result, garments made from double knit tend to have a more structured and premium feel.
This fabric is often chosen for tailored clothing like dresses, pants, and jackets. It offers a polished look. Its durability also lends itself well to home décor.

3. Mesh fabric

 breathable structure, Mesh fabric, activewear, sports jerseys, athletic shoes.

Mesh fabric is characterized by its open, breathable structure created from interlocking polyester yarns, which offers notable advantages such as enhanced ventilation, durability, and resistance to wrinkles and shrinkage. 
Polyester mesh knit fabric, known for its breathability and durability, is prevalent in activewear, sports jerseys, and athletic shoes. Its resilient nature extends its use to industrial filters and screens. Additionally, its adaptability is showcased in fashion as linings, design inserts, and accessories like bags and hats, blending functionality with aesthetics.

2. Polyester-spandex fabric

Polyester-spandex fabric, yoga shirts, leggings, sports bras,

Polyester-spandex fabric is a blend of polyester, known for its durability and resistance to environmental factors, and spandex, celebrated for its exceptional elasticity. This union results in a textile that boasts the strengths of both fibers. The fabric maintains its shape and color over time, while simultaneously offering a significant stretch and return, making it form-fitting and comfortable. It's wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, and retains shape even after frequent wear and washing.
Its stretch and form-fitting properties make it a top pick for activewear, like yoga shirts, leggings, sports bras, and athletic shirts. The fabric's resilience and quick-drying nature also make it a favorite for swimwear.

1. Interlock fabric

Interlock fabric, casual clothes, children's outfits, undergarments

Interlock fabric is known for its smooth and fine texture on both sides. The term 'interlock' describes how the threads are knitted together, giving the fabric a hint of stretch. This knitting technique results in a two-layer stitch, creating a fabric that is thicker and more stable than single-knit varieties. It also boasts a natural shine and is tough against snags and tears.
"It's the go-to choice for athletic wear, such as running, football, badminton, and basketball, because of its ability to wick away moisture. Moreover, its blend of comfort and strength makes it perfect for casual clothes, children's outfits, and undergarments.

In 2023, five polyester fabrics dominate sportswear. French Terry offers warmth and moisture-wicking, ideal for varied weather workouts. Double Knit ensures durability for high-impact sports. Mesh fabric is favored for its breathability, perfect for cooling during intense activities. Polyester-spandex blends durability with flexibility, suitable for stretchy exercises like yoga. Lastly, Interlock stands out for its smooth texture and snag resistance. Together, these fabrics optimize comfort and performance in athletic wear.

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