Recycle VS Reuse; Similar, but Different

Thu, Mar 25, 2021 12:00 AM
When looking into environmental sustainability trend, we can find several articles mention the word of ‘Recycle’ and ‘Reuse’. These two words describe the core components of maintaining a healthy world which is fascinating concept of reducing rubbish. However, there are some differences between Recycle VS Reuse.

Recycling is the transforming an item or its components with the special process into a new product. Recycling is technically a form of reusing, but it refers more specifically to items that are discarded and broken down into their raw materials.  In the textile industry, the plastic bottles are commonly recycled by melting them into the fiber and made into fabric again.


Reuse is much easier. It just lengthens the life of an item without any repurposing the materials an object is made of, but repurposing the item itself. It is accomplished through many different methods; a perfect example of this is the reusing paper that has only been used on one side or the reusing of the plastic bottle by cutting half it and use as a tree pot.

We could start considering the idea of recycling and reusing various things for our healthier world.  It is not only reducing rubbish problem but also lengthens the life of products. Therefore, we could decrease the purchasing of unnecessary item which is better for the money in our pocket.