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If you don't like ironing, polyester fabric is your answer!

Polyester is a widely used synthetic fabric. This fabric has a lightweight, durability, and wrinkle resistance. The luster of polyester makes clothing an exciting choice.

Why is polyester fabric so popular?

Polyester is a popular and inexpensive fabric. It's proven to be more sustainable than any other fabric. It's comfortable, durable, strong enough to withstand wear, with no crease, no wrinkle. The high durability of polyester will last longer than any other fabric and you spend less money on new clothes. In addition, you can wear your favorite garments repeatedly without worrying about shrinking or fading. Everyone wants to put their clothes or wardrobe: no large ironing equipment or grooming hours. Polyester fabric is a perfect choice.

However, some people like cotton's softness, ventilation, and warmth, but cotton is not as durable as polyester and takes more time to dry than other materials. Also, cotton needs to be kept clean because it can cause bacteria, while polyester is not.

Polyester Fabric Properties
 - Polyester fabric is stain resistant.
 - Easy to care. Dry cleaning is not needed.
 - Polyester can be designed and custom colored.
 - Washable without wrinkling or fading.
 - Smoother texture.
 - Lightweight, durable, and retains its shape for a long time.
 - Polyester fabric can be dyed in any color.
 - Last long and more durable than cotton fabric. And polyester fabrics can be laundry with a machine. Take less time to take care.

Let's see how #Polyester Fabric is suitable for everyone?
  • Gymnast or Acrobat: prevents overheating and discomfort during strenuous exercise. The fabric can stretch with all of your movements.
  • Beachwear or Bikini: Polyester fabric has quick-drying properties. And polyester is resistant to sand and salt; therefore, it is the best choice for beachwear.
  • Tennis player: The fabric made for tennis players is durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it ideal for sportswear.
  • Footballer: Popular among footballers. It provides lightweight, breathable and waterproof coverage to keep players comfortable during games.
  • Golf player: Polyester fabrics are strong and flexible, making them less likely to tear than cotton. It also dries faster and can be washed in the machine. In addition, polyester fabrics make them easy to care and the best choice for golf clothes.
  • Hockey player: The fabric for hockey shirts has moisture-absorbing and quick-drying properties.
  • Baseball player: Polyester fabric is popular because of its durability of polyester fabric, a good choice for outdoor games.
  • Basketball player: Polyester fabric is also popular in basketball, where players need more coverage and fast movement.
  • Mountaineering: The polyester fabric used for climbing stretches in one direction. The elasticity of polyester allows the fabric to stretch in one direction and remain strong in the other. As a result, it can operate in adverse conditions such as altitude and high temperatures. This material is also highly resistant to abrasion, which is important for climbers as it must be constantly abrasive to rock surfaces.

Polyester fabric is becoming more popular in the garment industry, especially fashionable clothes, which must keep up with the trend. Polyester fabric can be customed to any design, including many other consumer goods, because of its durability and comfort.

"If you're looking for a fabric that would look new for years, polyester fabric is your best choice."
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