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Did you know? When was the first time Thai people knew how to weave Fabric?

Over 4,000 years ago, there is still no evidence to prove when the fabric first arrived in Thailand.
The needle made of animal bone was discovered to be the oldest handcraft in Kanchanaburi. Another trace was a small piece of fabric stuck with the antiquities and other small equipment made of terra cotta discovered in Udon Thani.

Every century, the textile industry has continuously been developing for the better. Either in Thailand, the first textile manufacturer, "Siam Cotton," was established in 1933 by the Ministry of Defense.

In terms of export, the textile industry is one of Thailand's most powerful industries, resulting in the money circulating in the economy.

3 Types of Fabric you need to know
Many people still have no idea what kind of fabric they are wearing. And there are only 3 main types of fabric we should know.

1. Knitted Fabric
The simplest way to think about Knitted Fabric is "Handmade." The Knitted Fabric structure is formed into loops by Wales threads such as Tricot, Lace Fabric, and Courses threads such as Pique, Fleece Fabric, etc.

Its structure creates flexibility and more flexible than weave fabric. Anyway, hand weaving is no longer popular anymore because the machines are more convenient and can produce in bulk quantities.

Quick dries
Good shape retaining
No shrinkage
Good colour fastness

2. Woven Fabric
The very first fabric used in history was woven fabric. The Neanderthal was stung animal skin and knotted around the waist. Then, the scientist used the electron microscope and discovered that the rope was constructed of natural fiber such as conifers.

Woven fabric contains Warp yarn and Weft yarn, divided into many types depending on the structure. The signature is different based on local customs, such as Plain, Basket, Twill, Satin, Crepe, Dobby, Jacquard, Double cloth, Pile, Slack-tension, Leno, and Swivel.

Get wrinkles easily
Not flexible / Easily rips
Not long last
Colour faded after washing
Get molds easily when moist
Dries slowly

3. Non-woven fabric
Non-woven isn't even woven or knitted fabric such as Face Masks. Unlike other forms of fabric, the structure is unique. Non-woven fabric can be created from any fibers, and its structure has no fixed direction called mechanical entanglement (things remain connected even when separated by vast distances). 

This makes the design of this fabric widely used.
Rather than clothing, it can also create various types of Home Textiles such as décor fabrics, tablecloths, curtains, towels, bedsheets, etc.

Jong Stit hopes this blog can help the reader understand more about each fabric type. If you have any doubts about Polyester Fabric, please feel free to contact us.