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Dope-dyed polyester fabric

Dope-dyed polyester fabric is a relatively new type of fabric that is quickly gaining popularity in the fashion industry. Due to its less pollution and energy consumption in the dyeing process, this fabric using Dope-dyed is said to be more sustainable compared to other kinds of fabrics.

How dope-dyed polyester yarn is made

master-batch colorant

Dope-dyed polyester yarn is one of the most sustainable yarns in the textile industry. This yarn is made and dyed simultaneously by adding a master-batch colorant to the melted polymer, then extruding it into a polyester yarn. 

Dope-dyed polyester yarn and fabric production

Dope-dyed polyester yarn is perfect for various applications. It is often used in sportswear, activewear, outerwear, blankets, and other fashionwear. It can also be used for making fabric for home decorating projects.

Advantages of dope-dyed polyester fabric


1. Eco-friendly
The main advantage of dope-dyed polyester is it does not require any additional dyeing process after the yarn is made. This saves a lot of energy, water, time, and resources in the manufacturing process. Compared to the traditional dyeing method, dope-dyed polyester is less 62% of carbon-dioxide emissions, 63% of energy consumption, 63% of chemical consumption, and 89% of water consumption.
Plus, our dope-dyed polyester fabric does not cause irritation or harm to the human body, especially the baby's skin.

Excellent color fastness

2. Excellent color fastness 
 A garment or accessory made from dope-dyed polyester fabric is characterized by excellent color fastness. The colors are very resistant to fading and bleeding, even when exposed to sunlight or washing. Dope-dyed polyester fabric is resistant to bleach, detergent, and corrosion. This allows the fabric to be washed repeatedly without affecting the fiber structure and color.

Furthermore, dope-dyed polyester fabric is resistant to sunlight, so you can sun-drying the fabric without negatively affecting the quality and color of the fabric.
These make the dope-dyed polyester fabric ideal for projects requiring durable and long-lasting colors fabric, such as garments or home decor items. The color of dope-dyed polyester fabric is also less likely to transfer to other fabrics, making it perfect for projects where colorfastness is a must.

Cheaper than traditionally dyed polyester

3. Cheaper than traditionally dyed polyester
Dope-dyed polyester fabric is high-quality and inexpensive because it saves a lot of money in production and waste management processes. It uses fewer manufacturing processes, energy, water, and resources. Furthermore, the fabric is also eco-friendly, which you or your brand can use as a unique selling point and add more value to your products.

Dope-dyed polyester fabric is eco-friendly, durable, and inexpensive, making it an excellent choice for any garment, from casual wear to formal attire. And due to its color-fastness that can withstand frequent wear and washing, your clothes will always look great. So if you're searching for a practical and sustainable fabric, then the dope-dyed polyester fabric is the perfect choice for you.

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