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Advantages of polyester fabric over cotton fabric

Polyester is a synthetic fabric made from polyester fiber, while cotton fabric is made from natural fiber. Both fabrics are the most popular choice in the textile industry. Still, some differences between the two make polyester fabric more advantageous than cotton fabric.

Polyester fabric is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional cotton fabric. It's a favorite choice for many bedding, clothing, sportswear, and furniture applications. This synthetic fabric offers a range of advantages that make it a great option to replace traditional cotton fabric. Here are some potential advantages of polyester fabric over traditional cotton fabric.

More durable and long-lasting
One of the main advantages of polyester fabric is its durability. Polyester is more resistant to tearing and fraying than cotton, making it will last longer and maintain its shape and appearance over time. This makes it an excellent choice for clothing and bedding that will be worn or used frequently.

Better at moisture-wicking
Polyester fabric is more effective at wicking moisture away from the skin than cotton fabric, which means it's less likely to absorb water and become heavy or soggy. Polyester fabric is better at keeping you dry and warm. It's a great fabric for sweaters, cardigans, bedding, blankets, and outdoor activities like camping or hiking, where moisture resistance is essential.

Breathable and quick-drying
Even though polyester fabric is made from synthetic fiber, it can be more breathable as equal as natural fabric, by adding chemicals or using special mechanical techniques.
This makes polyester fabric a good material for sportswear because of its breathability, quick-drying, and doesn't feel gooey or heavy when you sweat a lot while exercising.

Superior wrinkle resistant
Polyester fabric is well-known for its wrinkle-resistant properties, which means it’s less likely to wrinkle or crease than cotton when worn or laundered. This makes it a more practical choice for garments that need to look presentable after being packed or worn for long periods of time.
In addition, polyester fabric requires less ironing to maintain its smooth and crisp appearance, which is a significant advantage for those who hate to iron.

Hardly moldy
          Because polyester fabric is a synthetic fiber and better at moisture-wicking, making it hardly moldy. In contrast, cotton fabric has cellulose in its fiber which is a favorite food for mold. Furthermore, cotton fabric lacks moisture-wicking, making fabric made from cotton might be a place where mold gathers.

Low maintenance
Polyester fabric is generally easier to care for than cotton fabric. It's less prone to wrinkling and can be machine-washed and dried without shrinking on a low heat setting. Polyester fabric is also less prone to fading in the sun or chlorine, which means that it will retain its vibrant colors for longer periods of time. These make polyester fabric a convenient choice for busy people or textiles that are used frequently.

Polyester fabric is generally more affordable than traditional cotton fabric. It's often less expensive and more available, as it's easier to produce and mass-manufacture.
These make polyester fabric a good choice for those who are on a budget or for those who need to purchase a large number of garments.

Polyester fabric is allergy-friendly, making it an excellent choice for people with allergies or sensitive individuals. Some people may be allergic to the proteins found in natural fibers like cotton, but they may not have a reaction to synthetic fibers like polyester. This makes polyester fabric a good choice for people with sensitive skin.
At Jongstit, our polyester fabrics are certified by global textile standards, OEKO-TEX Standard 100: Product class 1, which means our polyester fabrics have no harmful chemicals and substances that can cause irritation or allergic reactions and are suitable for everyone, even babies.

Environmentally friendly
Polyester fabric is an excellent choice for anyone looking for sustainability. Because polyester fabric requires less material, water, and energy in the production process compared to cotton fabric. Polyester fabric is also completely recyclable. The fabric can be easily broken down and reused, helping to reduce landfill waste. 

Increased color selection
The synthetic dyes used to color polyester fabric provide a much brighter, richer range of colors than traditional cotton dyes. This means there is a much more extensive selection available when choosing polyester as your fabric.  

Overall, polyester fabric is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade from traditional cotton fabric. This synthetic material is more durable, moisture-wicking, breathable,  wrinkle-resistant, hardly moldy, easy to care for, affordable, allergy-friendly, environmentally friendly, and has a richer range of colors. So if you're looking for bedding, clothing, or furniture, polyester flannel is an excellent choice.

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