• Keep fabrics look new and Clean longer

Anti – Bacteria is one of all chemical treatment leveraged by Jong Stit. In this modern day, lot of pollutions and plaques are caused by bacteria uncontrollably. Jong Stit seriously concerns about health of our customers as bacteria are the social threats. The optimal way we believe, Jong Stit Company desire to protect our customer thereby antibacterial method turning the chemical into the finished fabric to prevent growth and reproduction of the bacteria. Additional, this chemical we use do not harmful to customer’s skin.

Notice that there are two benefits of anti-bacteria which refer to prevent growth of infection bacteria and the fibers remain hygienically fresh, keeping unpleasant odors away.

  1. Prevent growth of bacterial infection.

The uniqueness of anti-Bacteria chemical treatment prevents impure substances from entering into element of fabric structure. Also, the particle affects severe damage to customer’s skin which benefits people who are suffering from various skin-diseases like dust allergy, Fungal skin infections and so on.

  1. Hygienically fresh, keeping unpleasant odors away

Bacteria are causes of various diseases. Bacterial infections are contagious through multi-factors such an environmental, person to person etc. So, we have to taking care ourselves, not to get infected by touching any bacteria especially your clothes,

Based on four human needs, clothing, we still have to wear super clean and hygienic cloth in every single day of life. However, how do we know that your cloth did not held bacteria?

The best solution is wearing your dresses to protect yourself with privileges products in which already gone through anti-bacteria method. Because anti-bacteria will keep unpleasant odors away, once you have finished performing the activities or exercises. There are the reason why Anti bacteria is a matter of your life.