Single jersey SY

Single Jersey, the fabric which composes of diverse Spandex fiber or Elastane fiber. Better to known that, the basis of features consist of lighthweight property, comfortable and high-strentchy structure and by its properties, user may leverage in different activities. We are one of the most professional polyester fabric manufacturer in keep original concept in ONE STOP SERVICE to our customers globally.

In this day, so many people care about health and body weight. they get in hard working out for their body builder.
Why don’t you wear fit with your body?

Jersey-spandex fabric is another choice. Your look will be gorgeous shape when you wear it. The fabric attributions will make you feel more confident weightless, durable and fit to your body. You may get mentioned dress in various occasions such a Jersey T shirt in chillax with classic jean, Sporty wear going to the gym or Yoga acadamy. In any event, it would be so perfect if your wear is enable to be restful, beathable among hotty climate. New textile innovation of Easy perspiration-release have been utilised in products of ‘jersey spandex best stretchable’ made of micro-polyester fibers as well as special chemical add-up improving in moisture management. These are the answer of our professional products indispensably // These are the reason why Jersey-spandex fabric is crucial parts of your life.

Additionally, anti-uv innovation have been served either. Once you went out in any activity under UV sun, this attribute will manage it automatically whereby the intensive and murky structure that enable to protect your skin care from sun ray if you choose this type of fabric

Jong Stit has competences meet your actually need that:

– Made to order
– Classic color as Black White trend which is everyone hanging in its closet
– Earth tone, in other word stylish fashion, we are the only one a proficient enough providing anythings you needs

Particularly, if you wish customise jersey fabric in specific dimensions whether texture, width or weight. JSC can generate a variety of wider requirements and extremely respond in certain time very quickly as our organizational vision ‘ONE STOP SERVICE’ in domestic and worldwide

Additional information

Item Code SY-20-B29#2308Z
Width 62/64 Inch. (Use able/Full Width)
Weight 200 g/sqm; 297 g/yd (3.37 y/kg)
Compo 100% Polyester
Color DARK/BROWN (BR20076)
Ref M09997443

Other Details :

Availabiltity: Not Available