The world is full of pollution due to various causes — Jong Stit as a corporate share a part of the causes. The company so launches an eco-friendly concept that in order to contribute to the society as a whole in one or the other way and become fully independent and sustainable in the upcoming future.

As far as the environment is concerned, Jong Stit as a corporate organization launches new innovation leveraging recycled PET to generate green fibers. We also have Eco-Max sub-concept of preserving water in producing products. Our company has achieved various global standards that ensure we meet responsible management in all 3 notions of sustainability: society, environment and economy. We gained various certifications like OEKO-TEX, GRS standard for yarn and fiber recycling, Green Label, etc. Especially, GRS certification for sustainable organization ensures restoration of significant ecosystem service, improved social standards. Furthermore, we strictly control waste disposal in such a way that the water consumption is optimized by constructing engineer water treatment. This thereby reducing waste water usage and minimizing energy consumptions and would be beneficial to each individual and the earth as a whole.

Green Products