Single Jersey ‘Spandex’ 493

Single Jersey composes with spandex soft touch, cozy, appropriate weight, comfortable wear as it is stretchy high-quality of spandex that perfectly fit to the body shape while wearing. Jersey fabric is suitable for wearing while performing any activity produced by ONE STOP SERVICE Fabric manufacturers that are targeting both the domestic and foreign customers.

Jersey Elastane Fabric has the optimal weight that does not shrink when converting them into finished goods as t-shirts, dress or even trousers. The knit fabric has stretch quality that would be perfect fit with the body shape and keep the appearance as it is. It doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable while wearing. With the heat transmitting technology that can easily apply with this jersey fabric coupled with wicking chemical. It helps in great sweat, cool, water absorption and evaporation makes it really comfortable, not dampen, while wearing and performing any activity. Knit fabric would absorb and evaporate them easily. The bacteria affection might be caused due to wearing dampened clothes for a long period of time. With regard to the innovated products, there are created for the customer’s end-using needs in the practical. We give the words to you to experience with that our jersey knits.

The classic textures of the fabric and the advantages on the soft hand feel and the neatness of the jersey fabric can be use to design wider patterns that suits for particular active wear whether for casual wear, sweater, sportswear or outfits.

Anti-UV is another special property of this fabric as its tight and opaque fabric structure and hence it helps in protecting the UV sun radiant when you perform indoor and outdoor activities. Respecting to global warming and ever climate changing at present, this item could be adapt and use accordingly on various events.

Jong Sit competences in the following:

Made to Order

Classic Colors such as White, Black, Famous Picking Colors

Other Colors

If you wish to customize Jersey Fabric in different spec whether the width or weight, we can adapt the change as per your request requirement and present to you at the short period of time by Jong Stit Co., Ltd – One Stop Service fabric manufacturer to both domestic and worldwide.

Additional information

Item Code QS493
Item Name Single Jersey circular knit 100 polyester fabric
Width 60/62 Inch. (Use able/Full Width)
Weight 205 g/sqm; 300 g/yd
Composition 92% Polyester 150/96F, 8% Spandex 40D


Other Details :

Availabiltity: Available