Single Jersey 781 PRO DYE

Two tones Mélange Jersey or Heather Jersey is a fabric with two shades of a particular color that create mélange effect. With the softness, comfortable and not see through with great moisture management.

With the advancement of technology and how know of professional dye or so called Pro-Dye which is Jong Stit’s Privilege yield us new type of Mélange Jersey that has two tones of a particular color for example, Red – Dark and Light shade of Red and since it is in shades it creates natural looks although it is produced from 100% Synthetic Fibers.

This particular shade of fabric has high worth but with our Know How which require to supply the customers’ demand both the Sport and Casual market in every aspects. Hence, we create and innovative products including the most suitable price for the valuable customers.

Apart from the Fashion Sport Casual look that has a high value and create natural looks, they are comprises of various attributes as follow:

-Comfortably breathable and weightless of only 125 gsm thin layer which is not see through, stretchy make it completely perfect for wearing.

-Soft, smooth and light- hand feel on the front and back side of the fabric that hold permanent function derived micro polyester yarn in the production process.

-Excellent moisture management with the chemical treatment on the Moisture Management Quick Dry feeling while performing different activities in various climate conditions whether hot and humid, damp or sweaty weather. This fabric quality manage the moisture well by absorb and ventilate within short span of time hence doesn’t make you feels gooey and have a pretty comfy wear.

Additional information

Item Code S781
Item Name Jersey Pro-dyed Melange circular knit 100 polyester fabric
Width 72/74 Inch. (Use able/Full Width)
Weight 125 g/sqm; 215 g/yd
Composition 100% Polyester PD150/144F


Other Details :

Availabiltity: Available