Single Jersey Melange QYS153

Melange Jersey or Heather Jersey comprises of the two fabrics with different colors to create the fashion sport look. With the softness of the fabric coupled with the light weight and great moisture management make them suitable to wear at any occasion whether outdoor activities or casual looks. They are produced by ONE STOP SERVICE Textile manufacturer which are known by both the domestic and international customers.

If you are looking for the unique fabric for sportswear that is not plain in nature but create more of fashion-sport then the Melange Jersey is one of the best choice that fulfilled that is made from special material from the upstream cooperation named Thai Polyester Company (TPC) that create innovative 100 polyester that supply melange look made of special fibers called Dope Dyed Special that need no dyeing process. Dope dye special hold advantageous over other type of yarn in water preservation and permanent color that doesn’t easily worn out by washing and laundering.

However, if you love heather effect but do not want our original color the yarn, we can be produced in different shades by altering the original colors and dye them in particular shade you chose. It would create new effect of mixing the different color with the original ones and becomes your new customized look.

While performing any activities under the ever changing weather that make your skin become sticky and uncomfortable. The Cool Quik function added to the fabric which is an extraordinary formulation of Melange Jersey item can perspiration-release easily and make you feels more comfortable while wearing it.

Jong Stit has competences meet your actually need as next:

  • Made to order
  • Original coloring without additional dye by waterless Ecomax sustainability concept
  • Other color way, we are cable to provide you all color shade you need by making to order

If you look for customize melange jersey fabric or in other word heather look in specific dimensions whether texture, width or weight. JSC can generate a variety of wider requirements and extremely respond in certain time very quickly as our organizational vision ‘ONE STOP SERVICE’ in domestic and worldwide

Additional information

Item Code QYS153 BK
Item Name  Single jersey melange circular knit micro polyester
Width 70/72 Inch. (Use able/Full Width)
Weight 165 g/sqm; 275 g/yd
Composition 100% Polyester


Other Details :

Availabiltity: Available