Pique Fabric 327

Fabulous use of pique fabric in polo shirt and uniforms,

The texture is given natural feel with temperate weight and well drape. A little-piqued design grants informal look casually for any occasion. Jong Stit is provided an activity produced by ONE STOP SERVICE Fabric manufacturer that is targeting both the domestic and foreign customers.

Pique fabric derives into two polyester materials which consist of textured polyester, and spun polyester. The nature and hand feeling of polyester fabric is emotional spun produced by Jong Stit who leveraged synthetic yarn taking place a cotton fiber in term of touching and functional qualitative to meet the need of clients. The tendency seem likely a naturalism, not brighten or fashionable. It also characterized bedim to imitate natural fiber that the natural look made of spun polyester comfortable for you whether working look replaced to sporty or performance functions.

In deep detail, the structure and yarn feeding with feature outcome of pique fabric and natural touch is not focused to respond a sporty and functional performance, and thus the original aim would not be perform quick dry or best moisture management. However, if you are interested in extraordinary functions you wish, Jong Stit will provide the special treat chemical wicking additionally in finishing process immediately. Hence, this item contains superb functional water absorbency which is given assistance the perspiration release breathe ably to yours.

Jong Sit competences in the following:

  • Made to Order
  • Classic Colors such as White, Black, Famous Picking Colors
  • Other Colors

If you are looking for to customize pique fabric in different spec whether the width or weight, we can adapt the change as per your request requirement and present to you at the short period of time by Jong Stit Co., Ltd – One Stop Service fabric manufacturer to both domestic and worldwide.

Additional information

Item Code P327
Item Name Pique circular knit 100 polyester fabric
Width 72/74 Inch. (Use able/Full Width)
Weight 210 g/sqm; 360 g/yd
Composition 100% Polyester


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Emai : knit2@jongstit.com
Tel : 087-386-8888, 062-718-2228
Line : jongstitfabric

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