Pique Fabric 235

Eventually, Pique fabric is popularly used to make for men-collared polo shirt and uniform clothing. Pique pattern are classified in several types based on its structures. The texture, design, and weight are key factors that create variety of pique structures. Pique construction characterizes to be temperate hand-feel, cozy, and weight. These attribution will contribute natural outcome and balanced shape while eliminate mushy and inconsistency problems. For instance, the pique uniforms are steadily fit to your body without any shrinkage. Therefore, most garments commonly tailor pique fabric for polo collar shirts, leisuring, and business uniform.

Pique fabric derive from of two polyester materials which consist of textured polyester, and spun polyester. Regarding to Spun Polyester’s competence, it has completely imitated as against to cotton texture, appearance, and function. Consequently, Spun Polyester is developed by Jong Stit revolving to perform as cotton pique. Furthermore, inside of Jong Stit’s innovative team has also been successive to enhance the quality of spun polyester, especially anti-pilling performance. The pilling grade of spun pique is even better comparing to 100% cotton pique. Hence, customers those who concern about pilling issue would be satisfied in our spun pique instead.

Traditionally, pique fabric does not quite emphasize on special functional performances as quick dry, and super bright effect. Hence, pique is common in use of producing business, school and even industrial uniforms which are usually involved an indoor and routine activity. On the other hand, Jong Stit evolves our technology to offer these properties to the pique fabric by implementing extraordinary chemical treatment. As a result, pique’s performance is functionally increased in term of moisture management, absorbency, and respiration release. Moreover, we also provide other functional customization such as Anti Bacteria, Anti UV, and Stain Release to your polo shirt.

Jong Stit is recognized One Stop Service Textile Provider, so we could customize any pique fabric based on customer needs. You could determine pique’s specifications, such as structure, texture, color, weight, and width.

Additional information

Item Code P235 24G
Item Name Pique circular knit micro polyester
Width Tubular 46/47 Inch. (Use able/Full Width)
Weight 215 g/sqm; 470 g/yd
Composition 100% Polyester


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Tel : 087-386-8888, 062-718-2228
Line : jongstitfabric

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