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Imagining of netting fabric or Mesh fabric, there are so many sorts of fabric in broad clothing structure and texture as well as the different hole design. Especially, the shape of hole of poly mesh fabric which are innovated by Jong Stit, is type of tricot warping knitted that contributing another superior-reputed trend. Hence, there are enable to design associated with sport fashion a part of cloth in your closet. Once you stitching on the side yoke and body back part, tailors could be leveraged this 41882 fabric sewing for more breathable aim in various end-use such a fashionable or enjoyable activity.

In this modern day, poly mesh fabric lead into different applying especially sport wears in top or bottom part due to casual look emphasizing the plain design. The 21895 fabric is very common use to sew group sport activities. However, this noose mesh fabric have slightly different in contrast, and so 41882 item is for you who love a poly netting fabric not only sporty suit but also the covering shawl with  sport bra. In parallel, users may be utilized in other textile rather than clothing apparel, for instance home textile, depending on the actual demand in the markets.

Adding to mentioned, with fabric structure of warp knitting in process of tracing will gain self-elongation from our tricky fabric structure. Consequently, the strength of finished product would be strong and not renting in easily. As one known, the distinctive property of warp knit is so powerful and low elastance comparing with others, so end use of warping structure is going to apply in power stretch and enjoyment sports, not dull design. Consistently, with a few elastance of warp, the fabric will literally outstanding longer life span and not shortly awry even gone through many time of laundering.

Overview, the texture of fabric is quite softy due to made of 100 polyester fiber in which micro fibre possessed uniquely a rise-cozy itself because of hi filament spinneret. The finished fiber feeding has permanently soft-touched without extraordinary softener adding at the end. However, rather than micro filament yarn adopted, Jong Stit will provide chemical treatment combining together generating fabric super soft feeling completely. The structured  round oval knitting composing  taking turn with beautiful draw line continuously. In between hole to hole, the design have patterned a tiny geometry obtained more fun clothing. Just like weightless of 75 GSM, once getting dress, the unforgettable emotion is so chilled. As mentioned before, warped knitting is strong, not 4 way stretchable and hard to tearing out with excellent drape, you may made for whether front or back body part when you tailoring the clothes whatever you desired. As long as the fabric deploy of filament textures 100 polyester de-mixing of spun polyester, the outcome will not quite natural look. On the other hand, the strength of this fabric is high resistance to scratching and washing as well as high anti-pill attribution that with no doubt the fabric kept longer new looking.

In case of functional water absorbency, we would like to present the extraordinary water Repellency with mesh fabric operating as the whole campaign of production .We will treat up and of course on the other area like the noose hole is not included in mentioned functioning. Jong Stit believes that we are also supported or add extraordinary chemical adding based on customer needs. We all welcome any opportunities to develop new functional performances yours, premium clients.

Jong Sit competences in the following:

  • Made to Order
  • Other color in indentifying color whatever you wish
  • Dope dyed color taking action in sustainability

We are flexible to develop associated with your requesting and present to you at the short period of time by Jong Stit Co., Ltd – One Stop Service fabric manufacturer to both domestic and worldwide.

If you wish to customize tricot warping Fabric typically opening hole mesh fabric in different spec whether the width or weight, we can adapt the change as per your request requirement and present to you at the short period of time by Jons Stit Co., Ltd – One Stop Service fabric manufacturer to both domestic and worldwide.

Item Code TM41882
Width  60/62 Inch. (Use able/Full Width)
Weight 75 g/sqm; 108 g/yd (9.25 y/kg)
Compo 100% Polyester 50% of DTY75/72SD, 50% of DTY75/72SD

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