Interlock fabric 316

Interlock fabric, the neat pattern and formless in the same both sides of fabric are applicable. In practice, the production process is a bit tricky in which technical face or back of fabric is due to plain, the structure of fabric is tight and textured with weightless of feel @ 140 gsm, no tattered. The fabric’s outcome would not be shrinking still leaving a good textured. Simultaneously, the yarn’s structure would not be too much shrivels or droop and so it makes your shape a nice looking all the time. As consequences, the fabric can be used for all casual wearing or jersey under sweater in several activities depending on most design or end application.

On the other hand, the specialty of this campaign is emerised through carbon brushing machine that outcome perform like peach skin, giving peachy and cozy touch to wearer naturally. Extraordinary of special finishing in brushing stage will also make you feel great comfortable, caring your sensitive skin. The softness of fabric is fit perfectly on your shape and breathable with well-sweating penetration.

Interestingly, this item carried out working in process of more than one raising method that affects multiple layers of plies. When piled fabric gets wet, actually piles will absorb water.  So, scenarios of over watering absorbency are often unsuitable to you. Here, item no.316 is not. We are differentiate, 316 interlock fabrics is made of micro-polyester after gone through innovative chemical treatment. The special treatment is being performed smart water absorbency, perspiration release, and moisture managements. There are so famous in running event as marathon occasions.

Rather than breathability, the 316 fabric characterized concept no ion and fabric care. This attribution stays long life span of fabric due to not often being used to thermal appliances. Together, important property is low washing time-consuming, just squeezing it and hanging in dry, the fabric will unroll easily comparing with general fabric went through laundering. All those top good points is so convenient to user because of easy care of our concept. These are the reason why 316 item is the most picked up for outdoor sport wear especially sport running and gym outfit in our international brands. Including chilling and casual look such t-shirt, sport-tank top, sport jacket or fashion dresses. By plain style fabric with self-unique, the design of dressmaking is widely and high-light  with functional property which is the strength of circular knitted. Once you get dress, the finished product would not be still leaving a good textured, together not too much shrivels makes your shape always nice looking in every activities. Jong Stit Co., Ltd – stay on wording One Stop Service your fabric manufacturer to you in Thailand and worldwide.

Jong Sit competences in the following:

  • Made to Order, indentifying color whatever you wish
  • Customise specification in term of width, texture, weight, fabric’s handfeeling and etc.
  • Other Colors

We are flexible to develop associated with your requesting and present to you at the short period of time by Jong Stit Co., Ltd – One Stop Service fabric manufacturer to both domestic and worldwide.

Item Code EQI316
Width 72/74 Inch. (Use able/Full Width)
Weight 140 g/sqm; 240 g/yd (3.37 y/kg)
Compo 100% Polyester 75D/72F

Other Details :

Availabiltity: Not Available