French Terry 116

French Terry is characterized to have the loop structure as known terry clothed feature. It is suitable and famous to be used for pullover shirt and outfitter. French terry also makes for casual wear associated with sport activities. With performance and appearance of French Terry fabric, the great emotional giving to wearer is warming and comfortable in which usually wear in living among north climate. Therefore, polyfabric of French Terry is another sweater material alternatively that Jong Stit could custom the brand and garments to response on its demands.

Meanwhile, the demand of polyester typically terry fabric is dramatically grown in apparel and textile industry. This is because of nowadays the fabric consumptions have been changed since natural cellulose to polyester. The cellulose fabric, especially cotton fiber, has been fluctuated fatally in term of budgeting cost, inventory system, and quality control. These factors can cause material shortage to cellulose market, and it consequently effect on pricing of cotton fabric. As cotton substitution, Jong Stit has developed utilization of synthetic fibers to carry out an excessive French terry’s demand in the textile commercial. Even our French terry is made of 100 polyester, it feel like non synthetic fabric due to the spun composition. As vertical integration manufacturer, the fiber we developed is to share that goods similar hand-feel, texture. This also allow Jong Stit to customize specification of French terry  for our users.

Eventually, French terry is structured to have tiny looped on one side, and another side is knitted as spun top dyed. Regarding to spun top dyed, this side is made from two different yarns which are consist of black dope-dyed stable and spun raw white. The combination of these two yarns contributes natural top dyed effect. This yarn combination incredibly causes black-white top dyed effect on the fabric. The top dyed French Terry could be altered in to dark or light shade based on the dope dye yarn ratio. The key advantage of top dyed French terry is as we can skip the dyeing process due to the existed dope dyed color. After greige has been knitted, it immediately goes through the stenter for finishing step without any dyeing process.  The top-dyed terry approach also shortens the water usages which pursue to our vision of sustainability and green concept.

French Terry is commonly knitted to be thick because of weight. As a heavy weight, Jong Stit has provided customer any requesting weight, especially in range of middle to low. Jong Stit’s French terry could be knitted approximately 180 GSM for soft touch. In addition, French terry functionally keeps it warm, so they do not require or emphasize on chemical treat, such as moisture management and quick dry performance. However, Jong stit are supported or add extraordinary chemical adding based on customer needs. We all welcome any opportunities to develop new functional performances yours, premium clients.

Jong Stit is recognized One Stop Service fabric makers, so we customize any French terry fabric basically on customers’ requirements. You will determine French terry’s specifications, such as structural detail, textures, colors, weight, and width. Regarding to top dyed spun, top dyed French terry are naturally colored in 7 shades depended on black dope dyed ratio without dyeing process.

Additional information

Item Code FT116
Item Name French Terry circular knit 100 polyester fabric
Width 60/62 Inch. (Use able/Full Width)
Weight 180 g/sqm; 260 g/yd
Composition 100% Polyester

Other Details :

Availabiltity: Available