French Terry 047

French Terry is as defined another modern fabric pattern, as structured dragon scale. Generally, there are famously to be used for jacket cloth as casual sport. Similarly, someone who favors the chilled dresses, its textile also make to the pullover or sweater suit. With most of  anticipation of French Terry fabric, French Terry good perform the brilliant giving to wearers that make them feel comfortable in any activities. Further, the sport-fascinated player as always may be absolutely obsessed with because of sporty-looking and simultaneously breathable gained. An extraordinary differentiation of 047 terry fabric is better than others French terry that special finishing line operated whereby one-side raising process as called emerising process. Within Jon Stit’s innovation, this emerising is involved peach skin brushing which are used carbon brushing processes. In the wild textile industrial, it is as known carbon brushing instead of emerising process. Essentially, both of two different method of French terry structure is characterized completely as the same thereby slightly rising through carbon brush bar. As the result, the level of high-piled would be surfaced consistency on the entire fabric and however the hand feeling will give a soft touch and not too long piled like peachy fruit. Once you caress, it make you crazy feeling like velvety smooth and getting dress insanely. Our French terry item is literally another value-add that contain inexpensive and enable to wildly designing and presenting the softness of fabric to your clients. Those attributions are made from our special finishing JS’s expertise and we perfectly cooperated and produced by ONE STOP SERVICE fabric manufacturers who are targeting both the domestic and foreign customers.

In this modern day, French terry markets, mostly made of 100 polyester and now growing up over the year whereas cotton fiber is fluctuated with uncontrollable quality due to cropping from natural output. At the same time, polyester has been evolved out of cotton to respond proximity the demands of end users as the best substitution from earth. Jong Stit, we are afforded improving the poly fabric to equal or better than cotton continuously that 047 French terry is therefore composed of two polyester, filaments and spun, which are produced to imitate to cotton fiber such a touching and fabric quality achieved by our research and development team. This fabric item is earned looking natural, not too shiny and not too plastic outcome like synthesized from earth.

047 French terry enable to dye whether the need of customers as reference colors, and however customers have to deal with lead-time increment. For someone who concern about eco-friendly, we present Dope dyed yarn which permanently stuck on fiber elements. After that, work in process will easily go through the rest of knitting until finishing product.

Thus, this product is so ready to meet all your requirements

French terry structure is textured and proper weight approximately 285 GSM with weightless feeling and non-wrinkling property. In this thick enough, 047 products perform itself a functional keeping-warm  when dressed up. Also, chemical treatment you wish, we are willing to serve and additionally develop for the most innovative function ever providing to you.

Jong Sit competences in the following:

  • Made to Order
  • Classic Colors such as White, Black, or Favorite Selecting Colors
  • Other Colors

If you are looking for to customize French fabric, emerized, peach skin, carbon brush face side in different spec whether the width or weight, we can adapt the change as per your request requirement and present to you at the short period of time by Jong Stit Co., Ltd – One Stop Service fabric manufacturer to both domestic and worldwide.

Additional information

Item Code FS047
Item Name French Terry circular knit 100 polyester fabric
Width 70/72 Inch. (Use able/Full Width)
Weight 285 g/sqm; 476 g/yd
Composition 100% Polyester 20D/1F + 75D/36F + 150D/288F

Other Details :

Availabiltity: Available