• Moisture management
  • Dry and Comfort
  • Fast wicking and Evaporating

is a superior fabric developed by Jong Stit Co., Ltd. There is a special cross (“+”) profile which absorbs sweat from skin to the outer surface of garments. Besides, the unique shape of raw material ensures an increasing surface area that enhances the evaporation rate. In comparison of other fabrics, the garments made from CoolQuik will be more breathable, comfortable and drier.

        The 4 beneficial characteristics of the CoolQuik are Excellent Moisture Absorption, Quick Dry and Stay Cool, Perfectly Breathable and Comfortable Fabric.

1.Moisture Absorption Management

              Due to the uniqueness of cross structure, CoolQuik will absorb moisture quickly and keep your skin fresh. Based on experiments, the absorption rate is higher than other    types of polyester fibers. The greater performance in moisture absorption makes CoolQuik being an outstanding choice for your garments.

2.Quick Dry and Stay Cool

The special structure enables “CoolQuik” to diffuse water or moisture in a large area immediately, which increases quality of Quick Dry. With moistureless effect, “CoolQuick” maintains both fabric and skin surface dry, so the fabric will not cling to skin like other fabrics. The test clearly confirms that “CoolQuick” has higher diffusion rate and drying rate when it compared to cotton.

3.Perfectly breathable

CoolQuik use different raw materials that are created for perfect sweat absorption and diffusion. The textures are completely channeled through their embodied spaces. This ingenious structure allows the fabric to take the exceeding moisture away and control body temperature moderately.

4.Fresh and comfortable

As ability of Quick Dry, CoolQuick fabrics prevent you from soggy feelings. Even you have vigorous workouts or do many exercises, you still feel fresh, less fatigue and more comfortable.