• Keep being safe outdoor from ultraviolet ray

is divided into two: functional and chemical treatment commonly use within Jong Stit Corporation. Functional Anti-UV is the one knit from the dull yarns where the permanent effect is attached to the fabric over long-lasting product life. On the other hand, the Anti-UV chemical treatment, the effect will be on the fabric for some span of time will be gone with estimated number of washes given for different items approximately 15-20 washes.

The beneficial characters of the Anti-UV


1.Sun Protection Capability

Protection of the UV rays on the external explosion up to UPF 50+ by reflecting the sun stream back and however the level of the reflection depends on the quantity of the chemical substances or fabric structures.

2.Melanin creation reduction

Nowadays, the Tanning is a great healthy skin but too tanning could harm your body. The UV Protection function could benefit everyone on the skin pigment creation which prevents pre-measure or anti-aging skin as well as skin diseases like skin cancer.